PadBuddy Floor

Product Description

PadBuddy Floor – iPad kiosk, iPad-Floor Stand, iPad Stand

PadBuddy Floor is a stylish and high-quality Floor Stand / Kiosk for iPad and other tablets. A Firm and a stable stand and enclosure both made of steel come with a lock so iPad is secured firmly in the enclosure. The durable steel iPad floor stand can be used in multiple locations. PadBuddy Floor can be used as a permanent kiosk solution or as a short-term product in trade fairs etc.

PadBuddy Floor is designed to stand on its own but can be bolted into the floor if necessary. Safety-lock wire is also available as option. PadBuddy Floor iPad Kiosk Stand can be used as a vertical- or horizontal model. Home-button is closed or open. Backside camera is open.

PadBuddy Floor is delivered with a 2m USB-cord that is mounted inside the Stand. Hence the iPad can be charged at all times.


  • Made of Steel
  • Enclosure with  75mm and 100mm VESA
  • Home-button closed or open
  • Backside camera open
  • 2m USB-cord (delivered) inside the stand
  • Height 100 cm or 120cm (+ the enclosure 3-7cm)
  • Lower frame width 40x40cm
  • Weight 8kg
  • Enclosure 20x30cm


  • High-quality, firm, robust, versatile and safe
  • Easy to close and open
  • Horizontal or vertical
  • White, Black, Silver
  • Branding option


  • iPad2 and newer iPads
  • iPad mini
  • Also for Samsung Galaxy Tab and other tablets.


  • Branded front panel
  • Branded enclosure
  • A3-print holder
  • 3D-branding